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Wiraywinhangin Marramarra Oak Box Frame 120 x 160

Wiraywinhangin Marramarra Oak Box Frame 120 x 160


Artist - Amanda Hinkelmann

Oak Box Frame Canvas 120 x 160cm

Wiraywinhangin Marramarra Canvas Art Print - Breathtakingly intricate, this contemporary Aboriginal artwork piece by artist Amanda Hinkelmann highlights the importance of The Dreaming stories in the passing down of lessons and messages in Aboriginal culture. Featuring myriads of paths, shapes and patterns, this captivating artwork shows its connection to Mother Earth by use of a warm, muted and earthy colour palette of moss green, beige, mustard and peach tones. This is the sister piece to Marramarra.


Unlike most other artworks which focus on particular stories within The Dreaming, this artwork has been created to represent the overarching idea and importance of The Dreaming and its stories as a cornerstone in our culture. These are the stories that we live and breathe, that we pass on to our children. This artwork represents the animals, people and spirits within these Dreaming stories that are taught to us, often to teach us a lesson or provide a moral for life.