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Magic Ghost Ball

Magic Ghost Ball



You complete the circuit. Simply touch to light up the ball and hear it's ghostly sounds!

This cool ball demonstrates the principles of energy transfer and of open and closed circuits, while being loads of fun. Simply cover the foil discs with your fingers to close the circuit and light up the ball, which will also make ghostly sounds! Remove one or both fingers to open the circuit, and therefore turn off the lights and sounds.
How many people can you link together to create a circuit? Take a group of friends and stand in a circle holding hands – two people will need to hold the ball rather than holding hands. When these two people both touch the foil discs on either side of the ball the circuit closes, and the ball will light up and make it’s ghostly sounds. Another member of the circle can act as a ‘switch’ by letting go of the person next to them (breaking the circuit) and then holding it again (closing the circuit).