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Life & Lemonade - Oak Box Framed Canvas

Life & Lemonade - Oak Box Framed Canvas


Life & Lemonade Canvas Art Print - This handpainted art print depicts a pitcher filled with lemonade. Lemon slices, a dark pink plate supporting the pitcher sits on top of a peach table and contrast against a dirty white background.

60 x 90cm

Have you been daydreaming of idle days where you have memories of sweet nothingness? Then this collection is for you! Take a step back to your childhood memories of cordial and scrumptious cookies.

Our Citrus still life collection brings you an appetite for all things sour and sweet, creating a fresh vibe to your home.

Inspired by afternoon tea parties and luxurious Sunday brunches, our handpainted Citrus collection will surely put vibrance and light-heartedness into your home.