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Lemoncello Round Platter

Lemoncello Round Platter


Not everyone is obsessed with the modern day tray products and wants something orthodox and classical. This product, intricately designed with terracotta material and pastoral painting coating makes it adorable and functional in every respect. Yes, it can be argued that it is a classic ornamental piece, however, it also serves the purpose of serving.

With this product, you will be exposing your customers to the rare opportunity of beautifying their surroundings with a functional product that adds a natural touch to any home. Certainly, this product adds a natural feel to occasions as it can be used as food, tea and drinks serving tray. With a dimension which measures 28 centimetres in length and width, it's easy to move around conveniently. This product has the potential to be the perfect gift for hostesses and brides. Crafted from pure terracotta and superb coating with alluring coating, it is eco-friendly and promises to be durable.