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Lemon Marmalade Pinafore Apron / Light Blue

Lemon Marmalade Pinafore Apron / Light Blue


The pin stripe Pinafore Apron from Raine & Humble: A Vibrant Splash of Colour to Your Kitchen Wardrobe. Cooking is an art, and like any other art form, it's all about the details. And when it comes to the perfect kitchen attire, a Pinafore Apron is a must-have. The Raine & Humble brand makes some of the most fashionable and practical Pinafore Aprons out there, and their vibrant light blue option is a perfect example.

Crafted from 100% India Cotton, this apron is not only soft and breathable but also sustainable. Its vibrant light blue colour is perfect for adding a splash of colour to your kitchen attire. The bright shade instantly brings a pop of energy and freshness to your kitchen, boosting your mood and adding to the joy of cooking.

The Raine & Humble Pinafore Apron also boasts practical features that make it a perfect addition to any kitchen. The front pocket allows you to store utensils, recipe cards, or even your phone so that you always have everything you need close at hand while cooking. This feature helps ensure you're always ready for anything.