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Expense Tracker Passport

Expense Tracker Passport


Meet the newest addition to our planner accessory line-up...

Due to popular request, we've designed an Expense Passport. It's the perfect little tracker-to-go, that slots easily into the back pocket of your planner, to keep on top of your incomings and outgoings. She’s your passport to forming better money habits.



Sections for recording:

  • One-time, fixed expenses; such as rent/mortgage, bills & repayments
  • Recurring or variable expenses; such as groceries, eating out & membership payments
  • Your savings goals
  • Plus other special expenses for the month; such as you daily coffees, birthday gifts, that new bag you’ve been eyeing off or a last minute flight to somewhere new… Only after you’ve covered all the essentials, of course...
  • There's also detailed line-item expense tracking, for focussing on certain areas of spending where you feel a little bit out of control 
  • And a space at the end of each month for summarising and reflecting on where you’ve spent your money, and how you could be a little smarter next month!

Please note, this tracker is for 6 months only - this was to keep is extremely small and light, so that it was easy to take with you in the back pocket of a planner. If you want to track for 12 months, please purchase two trackers OR start with one + see if the layout works well for you, without committing to a full 12 month